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Description of documents available for download (links to the left):

Science Plan: The SO GasEx Science Plan.

Implementation Plan: The SO GasEx Implementation Plan.

2006 Ocean Sciences Presentation: The presentation given at the SO GasEx open meeting during the 2006 Ocean Science Meeting in Hawaii.

OCB Workshop 2006 Presentation: The presentation about SO GasEx given at the Ocean Carbon Biogeochemistry Meeting at WHOI in July, 2006.

Two ship justification: Although SO GasEx could be undertaken as a single ship process study, the payback could be greatly increased by having two ships. Justification for two ships is provided.

Uncertainty in direct covariance measurements of CO2: The effect of delta pCO2 on uncertainty in covariance transfer velocity estimates is explained (by Chris Fairall and Wade McGillis).

Thoughts on wind speed and variability: Some thoughts on wind speed variability likely to be encountered during SO GasEx (by Chris Fairall).

SO GasEx Logos

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