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The SO GasEx cruise has concluded. Check out the blog for updates from the field.

Scientific results from SO GasEx will be published in a special section of Journal of Geophysical Research. Check out the Publications section for a list of papers.



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This site will be continually updated as new information becomes available.



GasEx I
GasEx II

Welcome to the information site for Southern Ocean GasEx...

...also known as GasEx III. The experiment took place in the Southern Ocean in austral fall of 2008 (February 29-April 12, 2008) on the NOAA SHIP RONALD H. BROWN. The research objectives for Southern Ocean GasEx are to answer the following questions:

  • What are the gas transfer velocities at high winds?
  • What is the effect of fetch on the gas transfer?
  • How do other non-direct wind effects influence gas transfer?
  • How do changing pCO2 and DMS levels affect the air-sea CO2 and DMS flux, respectively in the same locale?
  • Are there better predictors of gas exchange in the Southern Ocean other than wind?
  • What is the near surface horizontal and vertical variability in turbulence, pCO2, and other relevant biochemical and physical parameters?
  • How do biological processes influence pCO2 and gas exchange?
  • Do the different disparate estimates of fluxes agree, and if not why?
  • With the results from Southern Ocean GasEx, can we reconcile the current discrepancy between model based CO2 flux estimates and observation based estimates?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008 14:41